World Bank new strategy in Kazakhstan for 2019-2324/12/2018

The World Bank conducted a country-level diagnosis of Kazakhstan aimed to analyze the reached agreements, and define priority areas of cooperation. 

Chairman of the Committee on International Relations, Defense and Security of the Senate of Parliament Dariga Nazarbayeva met with World Bank Regional Director for Central Asia Liliya Burunchuk, a press office of the Senate of Parliament of Kazakhstan has informed.

The meeting discussed the perspective areas of mutual cooperation. 

Dariga Nazarbayeva expressed gratitude for backing up the social and economic development of Kazakhstan, that is the World Bank has provided loans for over US $8 billion to fund more than 40 projects over the years of independence. 

In her turn, Liliya Burunchuk informed that the World Bank had conducted systematic country-level diagnosis of Kazakhstan aimed to analyze the reached agreements and define priority areas of cooperation. A new country-level partnership strategy for 2019-23 is being developed. She also touched upon the problematic issues and expressed a number of recommendations, particularly the necessity to activate the diversification of the economy, create favorable conditions for businesses, reduce the share of the state in the economy, increase the efficiency of state grants. 

As the priorities of mutual cooperation, Dariga Nazarbayeva outlined the increase of the efficiency of state governance, the digitalization of the economy, the improvement of the budgetary legislation. The Senator proposed the World Bank to conduct a deep analysis of the efficiency of the State Programme of Industrial and Innovative Development. The economy is being diversified slowly, and the country still depends on primary commodities. "A systematic deep analysis is necessary, as well as an independent professional outside perspective to reveal the problems hedging to make a qualitative leap in the development of our economy," said the Senator. 

The Chairman of the Senate Committee noted the contribution of the World Bank to the holding of the Regional Conference on Women's Empowerment in Afghanistan held in Astana in September this year. Kazakhstan already allocated an additional 50 million dollars for grants to educate the Afghan youth to civilian jobs. Special attention should be paid to train female medics for Afghanistan. It is essential to continue the cooperation, and implement the agreements aimed at stabilizing the situation and investing the social and economic development of Afghanistan, according to Dariga Nazarbayeva.