Kazakh leader launches large hi-tech enterprises24/12/2018

The nationwide telebridge 'The 2nd Five-Year Plan of Industrialization. Made in Kazakhstan' is taking place in Astana involving the Head of State. 

President Nursultan Nazarbayev has given a start to large high-tech enterprises, BNews.kz correspondent reports. 

GreenRecycle LLP has built a waste sorting complex in the city of Almaty. The project can meet the internal demand to manage industrial and municipal waste of the city. 

"It is a very important plant not only for us but for the entire world. Waste sorting is a very cost-efficient business in which we are not engaged yet. It is encouraging that this starts in Almaty. The largest city, megapolis, with the largest amount of waste. This practice should be continued; the same plant should be built in Astana and other cities," said the President giving a start to this project. 

In addition, during the telebridge, a wheelset production complex was launched, with a capacity of 200 thousand units per year. The project provides wheelsets to JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zholy and railway enterprises for trains of the country, as well as exports its products to the CIS states, Europe, India, China, South Korea, and Russia. 

Asia Trafo LLP has built a plant for production of 110 and 220 kW power transformers, that meet all European standards, the development of the domestic export-orientated products with the use of modern technologies.

Along with it, the Head of State has launched the construction of a cement plant in the Kyzylorda region with a 70% share of foreign investment. The output production will be widely used in the oil and gas industry. This is the first plant in the region to produce oil-well cement facilitating the creation of new export-orientated products in the construction industry. Exports to the Central Asian and CIS states.